Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Absolute Write down: Server died


I talked to Peter and MacAllister on IRC, and it looks like AW's server fell out from underneath them. Jenna and gang are currently searching for a new host, and AW should be back up "as soon as possible."

They need a dedicated server, something that can handle 150+ gigs of bandwidth a month, etc., which isn't that easy to find. Hopefully they'll get up as soon as they can.

The chat is in the #absolutewrite room on Starchat, if you know how to use IRC. The java gateway to the chat is here.


  1. Matt, thanks for the post in two ways - one for letting everybody know about Barbara Bauer and for spreading the word and two for letting me personally learn what was going on. We've been moving house and I had no clue that all this stuff was going on. I checked in yesterday briefly and figured that maybe AW was having trouble with the host and was moving or something. Then read your blog today and found out about all the drama ... Off to download an IRC client and get to starchat ...

  2. Yes, until today, I had no idea of everything that was happening. Sad that one person could make one phonecall and cause this to happen.

    I know we'll be up soon -- I have faith in our AW leaders.

    Thanks for keeping us posted.

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