Friday, May 05, 2006

The Bob and Sheri Show

Thanks to the Bob and Sheri radio show for the on-air plug this morning, where they read my top ten creepy kids shows list. They also linked my blog on their website. Thanks, guys!

Bob and Sheri are a syndicated morning show based out of North Carolina and are heard on several radio stations across the country. We don't get them here in Tucson, but we should.

Sheri Lynch is also a writer, and her most recent book is Be Happy or I'll Scream. Buy it!


  1. i heard them talkin about you. haha my mom listens to that show

  2. Dang. I was *just* in North Carolina. Missed it entirely!

  3. i used to listen to you on star 101.3 augusta maine. what a surprise this morning to hear some DJ ( who knows him?) telling me the time and weather when I really need morons in the news. This station has changed the format and it SUCKS. I heard Delilia last night but now according to the morning show some dufus will be on instead. Bob Sheri . . I need this fix in the morning.