Sunday, May 21, 2006

The joys and torments of Google and MSN referrer logs

Okay you freakin' wackjobs, what the hell is wrong with you?

I'm starting to get about 100+ hits a day just from Google and MSN searches, and the statcounter thingy I have tells me what the people searched for to get to the page. While I get a fair share of hits to my Snakes on a Plane post and to my ReNu recall post, most of them go to my Creepy Kids Show post.

But most of the people aren't looking for a list about creepy kids shows. Nope.

They're looking for pron. And not just any pron. Kiddie pron.

The google spider is taking my post and the replies and mixing it together in a stew of words, and it seems that stew ranks highly on the pervert radar.

The Spider. It cries.

I'm going to censor some of the words so I don't exacerbate the problem (and I don't get shut down by some Blogger bot), but none of the terms were censored when they searched. In the past week, this is just some of the terms people have searched for to get here:

  • ped0 (that was just about ten minutes ago, and what caused me to make this post)
  • Stephanie Lazytown ped0
  • Lazytown splits pic
  • Childr*n pajamas
  • N@ked childr*n
  • Bathr00m p!c Stephanie lazytown
And about twenty different variations thereof. I got the IP address of some of them and searched, and it turns out I can peg the identity of a few of them with absolute certainty. (Hi, Phil from Ohio. Does your wife and two daughters know what you're using your computer for?) But I'm not that much of a jerk to do anything about it.

Still, it gives me the willies. I guess Dateline NBC was right. The net is filled with predators.


  1. Ugh, that's REALLY creepy... Just goes to show that people need hobbies, or therapy. Loads of therapy.

    Sick icky people. :(

  2. Disgusting. Remember when I had pics of the kids in their bathing suits on my website? I had to take it down due to the searches I was getting. Gross.

  3. Truly sad comment on society.

  4. Guess what I get searches on? "Hairy legged women" :p And that was because my wife got a request (an actual e-mail request mind you) from a guy who wanted her to arrange a meeting with hairy legged Sri Lankan women because she blogged about that. Of course, I blogged about the e-mail she got and now I get hits on that. People really are sick ... and weird :)

  5. Gee, I just get the weirdos looking for secret government stuff. You win the creep-o attraction game. I'm sorry.

  6. Wow, and I thought it was weird when I got people finding my blog looking for directions on how to put magnets on their cars' fuel lines. Which is something I frequently ridicule on my blog.