Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Tuesday roundup, bloggy-style edition

I was looking through my past twenty or so entries into this thing, and I realized my blog is filled almost exclusively with random crap about random things, and it needs some structure. So for now on I'm going to make sure I make a Matt-centric post every Tuesday. (This will probably last three weeks before I forget.)

So what's going on?

As some of you know, I am currently collaborating with another, very-talented writer named John Parker on the creation of a sci-fi television series based on my first book, The Shivered Sky. Like the book, the series revolves around five humans who die and wake up in heaven. But when they get there, they find the angels were just on the losing side of a terrible war, and the place is occupied by an army of demons. The series bible is mostly written, and the two-hour pilot is starting to grow some legs. I may post a few pages in the future.

I am also still working on my next fantasy novel. Like The Shivered Sky, it's kind of a rough process. I don't like to outline, and that means I am constantly writing myself into a corner. But I wouldn't change it for the world. A few people have asked if it's a sequel to TSS. It's not. So what is it about? You'll have to wait. I can tell you it's set under water, and it's pretty violent.

Let's see... what else?

Oh, Pima College's Pima Press is releasing a book sometime this summer or fall which will contain all the previous Martindale Literary Award winners from the inception of the award. My story "Hurricane Bonnie" will be included. It's the same story from my other book, Trailer Park Fairy Tales. I think I'm getting a contributor copy, and that's about it.

And as mentioned in another post, "Hurricane Bonnie" will be honorably mentioned in The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror: 2006.

I'm listening to American Idiot by Green Day for the first time. It's not my normal musical genre of choice, but this album is really good. It manages to sound epic, which is pretty rare these days. My biggest complaint is that it's probably too polished. They like to call themselves punk. They're not. Still, I like it.

That's it for now.



  2. Green Day! I remember getting irritated by them for years for that exact reason. Not punk by half. Too melodic and poppy.

    Then the American Idiot album came out and I was all: "Who is this? What? Green Day?" Some great tracks, especially the first four. Then I went back and listened to their earlier hits and found that they were great too.

    Punk, pop punk or whatever they are, they're aces in my book, and I'm glad I've come around.

    And Matt, that's great news about the bible and pilot. Here's hoping The Shivered Sky takes Hollywood by storm!