Saturday, September 02, 2006

This is why comment spammers must be destroyed

My wife was telling me about this blog. The woman who wrote it was struggling with breast cancer. She lost her battle. Her husband wrote one last entry telling friends the sad news.

The blog is still up here.

Now look at the comments on the final two blog entries, especially her last entry here.

Here's a couple examples (I've removed the hyperlinks):

I read over your blog, and i found it inquisitive, you may find My Blog interesting. My blog is just about my day to day life, as a park ranger. So please Click Here To Read My Blog
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Interesting blog...a good read.
A Cassville Heritage Association member, Cassville, Georgia
+ tons of cancer-related and christian-related spam

If it wasn't so evil, it'd be hilarious. Comment spammers need to die in a fire.


  1. Just turn on word verification filter.

  2. "Just turn on word verification filter."

    I don't think she has access to blogger anymore moron

  3. I hate word verification filters. The one on blogger is not too bad, but it makes me feel like a 5 year old going for an alphabet test.

    And I never ceased to be amazed at how insensitive people can be...

    - Purple Sea Urchin

  4. I agree 100%

    I read The Butterfly's final post done by her husband and it almost brought me to tears.

  5. that is so dumb of those ppl to not even feel sorry for her.



  6. This is why I hate so many people for being insensitive bastards. How people can sleep at night after posting utter shite on such an emotional blog where everyone's trying to boost the poor woman and then saying goodbye to her. At least so many of her former classmates could use it as a way to say they were thinking about her.

  7. A fire? You need to stop being so benevolent! Spammers shoud be forced to.. um... I'll think of something later.

    By the way, I've got an awesome blog, come visit it sometime :D

    Just kidding.

  8. I meant to say, turn on the Word Verification filter. Although it's stressful for the end-user, it's moderately effective!

    ** Shaun **
    My awesome blog:


  9. Shaun:

    Imagine me slapping my forehead. Now imagine yourself reading the post again and getting it.

  10. Lexcen and Shaun,

    Do you know how to read?

  11. I imagine if it's totally irrelevant then it's bad. And I don't think any links are really acceptable for that final post for Ronne. That really sucks.

    But if it's a casual blog, and you gave a meaningful comment, then I guess a small line linking to your blog is okay in just one of the comments you post to a specific blog. I mean, all of us who don't post as "Anonymous" already have links to our profiles in each of our comments.

    But deliberate spamming is a big headache. I don't like it either.

  12. Poor Lady, her husband was awesome to finish it up though. I hope he's doing all right almost a year on.

    And yeah, spammers are full of crap.

  13. Well said.

    I have not been bothered by them too much on my blogs but it has happened several times.

    One case that comes to mind was written in one of the patterns you described: buy compliments my blog for being intelligent/interesting, and invites me to look at his.

    It is clear to look at it that he wants to be some kind of a professional blog spammer. Seems like a bottom feeder kind of profession.

    However, I do like the taste of both the original pork-based Spam and the newer turkey-based Spam. Beats me why anyone could think either one did not taste good.

  14. That makes me so sad. Just sad. And it makes me want to hurt those people.

    But then it also makes me think about my own line. Obviously, I'd never cross a line that would take me where those idiots went, but I use a signature in my email. And I usually put a link at the end of a comment like this one, if I'm on the blog of someone that talks about parenting. A link makes it easer to get past the Blogger profile page - actually saves a click.

    Is that bad?

    I'd be mortified if someone thought I was a spammer. Totally mortified. But I also want to legitimately promote my site.

    This is an important discussion and you've presented it well. It all makes my head hurt, though.

  15. You'll get no arguement from me, except possibly which method would be the best, ie, most painful.

    Even my poor, lonely, writer's blog started attracting comment spams. It got so bad I gave up and turned on blogger's verification filter. Since then, nada.


  16. Comment spammers who target blogs like hers need to die *slowly* in a fire.

    (On the other hand, though, I know of a few lame blogs that would actually be *enhanced* by a few spammy comments -- I should let that totally nude chick know...)

  17. It is sad what some people will do to advertise their site. I got here through the “blogs of note” link, but there is a lot of crap to wade through, which explains (but doesn’t excuse) the desperate measures. I haven’t had a problem with spam, probably because I just started my blog and only a handful of people have seen it (and the word verification is on), but I can certainly see the problem.

  18. I also prefer slow roasting spammers. Provided their fumes are directed towards hell. ;)

    I hate spam and I hate spammers. And really, hate is not a strong enough word.

  19. I wish that we could all send spam comments to those blogs and give them the taste of their own medicine.

  20. There are a number of blogs like these. I knew one blogger, only for a short time, before she died of cancer.

    Her blog is still there as well. We fondly remember her.

  21. I agree, fire is too kind. They need to be strung up by their toenails while being bashed over the head with their keyboard/laptop, while being made to eat paper copies of their comments. Then light them on fire.

    I really am a nice person otherwise. ;)

  22. Just think how I feel. I am a park ranger that has a blog about being a park ranger that you might find interesting. I am totally nude (underneath my uniform) and I can tell you how to get a college degree, but it may take a little more time than two weeks. The worst thing is that I love SPAM (the canned meat type not the internet variety).

    Damn you spammers! Who is ever going to want to Click Here now??

  23. I just happened upon this blog while looking at the site meter of my sister Ronne's blog. For the record, I was able to contact one of them and let them know that she had passed and how their advertisement was in poor taste and I was told that they were unable to remove it...but the spammers are not as bad as people using my sister's plight to set up a fund with a PayPal that is still live and will take funds this day my sister's family has not seen one dime.
    I tried contacting these people twice they will not shut down their site. DO NOT DONATE TO THIS SITE. They are worse than spammers.


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