Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Tuesday Update, Squish Squish edition

We've gotten a handful of entries to the 99 Words of Horror contest so far, and I would really encourage everyone who sees this to enter, even if you don't fancy yourself a writer.

You know you want to.

It's easy, and if you type 50 words a minute, it'll only take two minutes to write.

Here's a sample story I wrote just now as an example:

Feeding Grandma

I scrape the last dollop onto the spoon, then into her mouth. Squish.

Squish, squish. Grandma's jaw works, seemingly doing nothing. But she eventually swallows. A purr vibrates deep under the hanging skin on her neck.

"Gooood." She opens her mouth, but her teeth remain closed. The mush does that, makes her teeth stick. She tries again.

"Gooood... Feed me more."

"It's all gone."

She grabs my wrist, pulling me to her. I try to get away, but she's too strong. I drop the spoon.

"More." She opens her wet mouth, her teeth working properly now.

Squish. Squish.



  1. I think my last date was your grandma.

    Nothing happened. We just talked.

  2. Man, you're so gonna win this contest!

  3. Well done story. My grandmother made me feed her and this makes me think about that. It is not a happy memory.

  4. You inspired me to try, but I can't seem to get anything scary! Darn...

  5. Scary stuff but I like it. Have you seen the new series on Showtime-Dexter? it is really creepy and I love it. The main character is from Six Feet Under also a creepy but good series.

  6. That picture freaked me out.

  7. Squishy food, drooping old lady skin ... who can beat that for scary?

  8. What visuals you conjured up! Whew. Creepy.