Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Well isn't that wonderful

So for about five months now, we've had this video up on YouTube of Lili saying she wants ice cream. I ask her why she wants it, and she says, "Because I love you." It's so freakin' cute, sugar begins to encrust on the outside of your monitor when you watch it. Until a couple days ago, it only had about 40-50 views.

Fast forward to yesterday. I mirror another YouTube video called "Pissed Catholic Mother" on my own account because I wanted to be able to embed it, and the original video gets deleted. As a result, my version has gone completely viral with over 100,000 views in 24 hours. (That whole thing is a blog posting of its own.) But as a result, I'm getting tons of hits on my YouTube profile and people are watching my other videos, including the Lili "Because I love you" one.

We look at the video today and see it's been linked from another site. Here's a screenshot.

Those links are from the forum on a site called (don't go there). It's one of several "child modeling" websites on the internet. In this case, "child modeling" is a code word for "pedophile stroke material." The whole purpose of the site is to provide quasi-legal material as a fix for internet pedophiles.

Meredyth registered to the site before she knew what it was, but I've told her not to go there. Hopefully when the FBI finally gets off their asses and does something about internet pedophilia, they won't crash down our door.

Here's an old-ish CBS news article about child modeling websites (With bonus Mark Foley hypocrisy).

Now I feel all icky and ooky and pissed off. I've taken the Lili video down, but YouTube takes forever to update.

Jesus Christ, people. Why do you have to ruin everything?


  1. I was so excited to try the new Taco Bell breakfast burrito, and this has made my tummy so upset I can't enjoy it.

    They owe me $1.07. Pervs. :o(

  2. I saw the catholic mother one, and was checking out your other vids, and was wondering why "Because I Love You" wasn't working, as the picture for the video is still there. The Xmas vids were soooooo cuuuute, I wanted to see more!!! It is absolutely sick and depraved that the video of your daughter(?) would be used like that. I'm really sorry you had to go through that - I know I would murder anyone who looked at my children that young like that (if I had any children...or wanted any...but that's beside the point).

  3. That's so sick. I definitely won't be adding any cute vids of my kids to youtube!

  4. Dude, that really suks. I even hesitate to post pics of my kids on my blog. Its a sick world out there:(

  5. Yeah, I've always kept pictures of my nieces and nephews private on my Flickr page because of this. It's sad and disgusting.

  6. omg dude, that f'n sucks!!

    Whoever put that up there needs to be beaten :(

    Argh. I hope someone figures out how to shut crap like that down and get rid of nasty people. Garr.

  7. Hey MAtt, this is Allison. People like that disgust me and make me glad we put them away for decades on end. I told Meredyth you guys should report their asses. Or send a virus to them or something. It's job security on my part, but sick bastards like that make me want to puke.

  8. I'm so sorry they did that to your precious child. I think I would rip out with my bare hands the throat of anyone who did that to my children. I don't post pictures of them for that very reason.

  9. ) Three of them, with arms behind the others' waists, followed him up to the wagon he rode home in; and a little girl with a blue sash had been sent to give him a rosebud...

  10. I used to hunt pedophiles online. I always cringe when I see people posting information that can identify them in real life and posting pics of their children.

    You have NO idea just how many sickos there are out there, and how brazen they are. All the information you post about daily life, family, etc. can be used to find and trick your child.

    For example, I can approach your child at school, daycare, whatever and say "Mommy and daddy have been in a car accident. I'm their friend x. You can trust me, Mommy sent me and I know y and z and etc. I've come to take you to the hospital so you can see them."

    The best protection you can have is to set up a codeword with your child. Tell them if you ever send someone to get them, they will know the codeword.

    My daughter is in the Army now, so now the threats are more visible, but I would encourage everyone to be careful. Use a codeword and don't give too many details away on your blogs.

  11. That's truly frightening. I don't think I'm ever going to put up vids of my girls after reading that.


  12. Child modeling should be monitored alot closer, especially websites.

  13. I'm interested in knowing some background info on the Catholic mother video... i'm inclined to think it was staged. Perhaps you can go back to YouTube and include some info about it in the margins. Thanks