Wednesday, November 12, 2008

You Can't Do That On Public Access Television

Sometimes I think the internet has reached critical mass, where every possible wtf has been wtf'd, and it's finally time to just shut it off and walk away. And then I see something like this and my faith in the power of the net to continuously flabbergast me is once again renewed. This is from a public access television show in NY called Goddesses. It's apparently about plus-sized women.

Wow. It's amazing how only on the internet you can find something that is simultaneously excruciating and hilarious. I think if there really is a hell, it involves sitting in a chair with your eyelids forced open like in A Clockwork Orange and being forced to watch public access from around the country.

Here in Tucson we have a decent public access television scene, but it seems it's mostly JESUS RULES / Astrology / Mexican music fiesta shows. It's interesting enough for a while, but it gets repetitive and boring after about 15 minutes. Goddesses aside, I strongly suspect that's how it is most everywhere.

Though there are always jewels here and there. My favorites are always the conspiracy-theory ones. We don't have too many of those, I'm afraid. There is one called 666 is Money that's a bit scary.

You can't watch, but you can't look away, either:

One of these days, I'll do a Fireflies in the Cloud, the TV show. Until then, you guys will have to settle for the blog.


  1. Can I be on your TV show???

  2. Lol, thx for the compliment! :) :) :)
    -- Raquel Baranow,