Friday, December 05, 2008

Chris Gallo: Judge Karen's bailiff is a cool dude

A couple weeks back I made a post about TV court show bailiffs and Byrd's Rule, which states, "For every Court Television series that has come out since 1996, the bailiff is always either a different ethnicity or gender than the judge, and in many cases, both."

One of the bailiffs I mentioned in that post is Christopher Gallo, who is the bailiff on Judge Karen.

Bailiff Chris Gallo

Chris was kind enough to email me yesterday and let me know he'd read my post. He provided the above better picture (which I haven't added to that post yet, but I will) since the only one I had was a screencap off of a YouTube video. He was very nice and didn't threaten to kill me, which is always a bonus. I offered him some friendly advice to raise the ratings, namely he needs to start beating people up on air.

I thought it was very spiffy of him to contact me, and I just wanted to send a shout out to Officer Gallo and let everyone know he's a cool dude.

You can learn more about him on the Judge Karen website, which I hadn't seen until today. It states in part:

Christopher Gallo serves as the bailiff on the Sony Pictures Television syndicated court show JUDGE KAREN. Gallo has more than 10 years of security and managerial experience and he brings a calming presence to Judge Karen's vibrant courtroom every day-- always keeping his composure, even in the most heated circumstances.

While keeping order on the set of JUDGE KAREN, Gallo also serves as a New York City court officer coordinating all aspects of prison and court security. Gallo became a court officer for the Office of Court Administration of New York in 2003, and he is regularly called upon to clarify points of law and procedures by district attorneys, defense attorneys and judges.


Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Gallo attended St. Francis College where he studied Business Administration. Later, he studied Industrial Communications at the Technical Career Institute.

Gallo is a Registered Armed Guard with the state of New York, has passed the Glock semi-automatic pistol course in firearms proficiency, the Basic Course for Peace Officers with firearms training, and he is proficient in general weapons training. He is also certified in Incident Response to Terrorist Bombing Awareness.

I always think it's cool when TV Court bailiffs are the real deal and not just pansy actors.

But most importantly, Chris has officially earned himself spot number 4 on the "Top Five Most Famous People who have Visited Fireflies in the Cloud and Told Me About It" list.

That list is:

1. Guy Gavriel Kay (Thanked me for mentioning Ysabel)
2. Tron Guy aka Jay Maynard (Posted in my Internet Famous post)
3. Bob and Sheri from the Bob and Sheri Show. Post about that here.
4. Chris Gallo from Judge Karen
5. Nick Sagan (Blogged about one of my earlier posts)

Since Guy Gavriel Kay is my hero, the only possible people who could knock him off the #1 spot are Blair Underwood, Tyra Banks, Charo, God, Jared from the Subway commercials, Katie Couric, The Hoff, or Blair Underwood (he would get listed twice.)

Anyway... Now when you watch Judge Karen you'll know all about the bailiff. Woohoo.


  1. I'm a childhood and good friend of chris gallo and he really is a cool dude. If you see him in the streets of new york don't be shy say hello ( don't worry he won't beat you up) LOL

  2. THIS show has the ring of reality...the witty wry demeanor of Judge Karen coupled with the cool professionalism of the Bailiff Chris Gallo makes these episodes stand out from the rest of the "judge" shows....
    Sargeny1...NYPD...27.5YRS & GOING STONG.....

  3. As a big fan of this great new show, I wanted to leave my thoughts...Judge Karen is great the way she cuts to the core of the disputes...The Bailiff Chris Gallo stands tall and exudes a commanding professionalism that adds to the show's REALITY.....I have NOT missed an episode yet..!!!!

  4. I have been watching Judge Karen from its first show...have seen them ALL....Judge Karen is the best at getting to the heart of a dispute....Chris Gallo as the Baillif stands tall and adds the air of REAL professionalism to this the best of the judge shows...

  5. Judge Karen and Bailiff Gallo rock!

    So do Matt Dinniman and the ever-elusive Blair Underwood!!

  6. I guess I've never even considered that famous people would visit my blog. :-)

    What did he think about your idea of beating people up on-air to improve ratings?

  7. Chris does bring wonderful "charm" to the Judge Karen show, which is a delighful contrast to the cranky, witchy "Do you think I'm Stupid?" Judge Judy.